The world is changing, let us adapt and call it a home

The world is changing, let us adapt and call it a home

Dear friends of the One Million Arab Coders’ initiative,
Greetings of hope, and more

Humanity has reached a turning point as exceptional circumstances are amongst us. The situation changed our daily lives and is forcing us to reconsider our priorities, choices and future plans.
3 years ago, when His Highness Sheikh Mohamad bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched the One Million Arab Coders’ initiative, his vision was to improve the lives of more than one million Arabs while allowing them the chance to go beyond their geographical confines, and overcome their circumstances. He wanted for one million individuals and more, to empower themselves with the language that shortens the distances, unites communities and creates opportunities. He wanted to shape an Arab generation that is ready for the future and one that is connected to the entire world.

And given how quickly events have unfolded, we are here today observing the birth of a new world; one that would have taken months or years. A world that gave life to a new reality; a reality we never knew could exist.
This is our reality today, living in a technology - oriented world, one that speaks coding.
Coding, the ultimate link that brings people closer together and opens up new doors with endless opportunities and dream jobs.

The time is now!

Let us straighten our paths, enhance our skills and set out to build our future. Let us connect with the world, find our place in it and speak it’s language

For more than 3 years, we succeeded together and accomplished goals that were once seen as impossible.
We shadowed the journey of many young females and males from different Arab countries and accompanied them as they accomplished great things, launched new projects and made first steps. Hundreds of thousands of Arab coders breaking barriers, persevering, succeeding and becoming stars and role models among their communities.

And today we possess all that it takes to double the numbers and add thousands of opportunities. We have the freedom to be creative, the choice to move forward and succeed.

Let us make the wise choice.